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Here are a few reasons why you should join us, If you are already a member, you are most welcome to refer a friend, partner, or colleague to learn about and join the WEC Global. If you are not yet a member and wish to learn more, please contact us and request to speak with an officer of the Memberships Committee.

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    Connect and engage with women from around the world.

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    Become a part of our Discord community and join various channels that interest you.

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    Participate in national and international events on professional and personal topics.

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    Gain access to active job boards and opportunities.

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    Write blog articles and feature on our website and social channels.

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    Take on opportunities to join the committees or leadership teams of WEC Global.

What is Discord?

Discord is a communication platform (akin to WhatsApp, Slack and Teams) that allows users to create private servers. Within these servers, users can join dedicated channels to communicate in, and users can join multiple servers with only one account. Discord also facilitates direct messaging via text, voice or video.

WEC Global uses its own server, which contains different channels where we discuss a variety of subjects from ethics and compliance, to blogs, events and much more. Please note, it's not mandatory to participate in every channel. You can choose to be part and read only the relevant content for you.

Once your membership application is approved, you'll receive an invite to join WEC Global server on Discord.

Eligibility criteria to join as a member

Prospective members can join by either being proposed and referred by an existing member in good standing or simply apply as normal if a referral is not available. You will be assessed against our membership criteria and if you are eligible, you will be enrolled as a member.

Our only membership criteria are this:

1. You must be someone who identifies as a woman, non-binary, agender, or gender non-conforming person

2. You must be working, studying, or teaching within the areas of compliance, ethics, integrity, human rights, law, or such related fields

There is no geographic specification to our membership. You need not be based in a specific region for your application to be accepted.