Our Team

Our team brings experience from various industries and networks. What binds us? Our shared passion for equity and change brings our backgrounds, strengths, and perspectives together to create a team capable of driving results that matter for you.


Meet our leadership

  • D'Jaris Richardson - USA.jpg

    DJaris Richardsoncountry

  • GG.jpg

    Gina Greencountry

    Chairwoman & Executive Director

  • Josefina M..jfif

    Josefina Magyarycountry

    Vice Chair

  • NycoleJ.jpg

    Nycole Joinercountry

  • Lindita Ciko Torza - Mexico.jpg

    Lindita Ciko Torzacountry

    Board Member

  • Patricia P..jfif

    Patricia Punder-Kuniyoshicountry

Meet our volunteers

  • Chela3.jpg

    Mariangeles Garziacountry

  • LarissaAraujo2.jpg

    Larissa Araujocountry

  • Klaudia K.jfif

    Klaudia Karabinosovacountry

  • MairaMarcos.jpg

    Maira Marcoscountry

  • Della W..jfif

    Della Waticountry

  • Lauren Shores.jpg

    Lauren Shorescountry

  • HaileyK.jpg

    Hailey Kleincountry

  • Carlin headshot small (2).jpg

    Carlin Weirickcountry

  • Eric G.jfif

    Eric Greencountry

  • AlishaYoung.jpg

    Alisha Youngcountry

  • AjayJoshi.jpg

    Ajay Joshicountry

  • 1669607366106.jpeg

    yashar zolmajdicountry

    Hello this is me, i am yashar zolmajdi